What is Santos Soldier?
Santos Soldier uses the same technology for the virtual human Santos™ to optimize soldier performance

Gear Import

A new stand-alone interface has been developed to enable

Warrior Configuration

The Warrior Configuration Mode (WCM) has been developed

Simulation Builder

Simulation builder is the crux of ETOWL software. This

Extended Load Carriage

VSR (Virtual Soldier Research) has also developed


Meet Santos™

Santos™ is a physics-based virtual human who stands at the center of our digital human modeling and simulation research.

Santos™ is not just an independent software tool; it is also a platform for growth, integration, and collaboration.

Sharing the knowledge

Santos: A physics-based digital human model

Santos™ is a comprehensive human modelling and simulation environment. This environment is a new generation of digital

Predictive Dynamics

Predictive dynamics is a novel approach for simulating human motion. It avoids direct integration of differential-

Simulation of extended tasks for a soldier

Extended Load Carriage is designed to analyze energy expenditure for situations in which the warfighter is expected to